Finca El Rincón is an estate located just outside Guatemala City. For many years, this farm has been a coffee farm, a place where the family coffee tradition has continued. Up to now, coffee continues being the main farm product but since 1991, due to the coffee market difficulties, an ornamental plant private project started in this farm with the production of red and green maranta. Now, the greenhouses occupy more than 2 ha, and it’s still expanding, not only in size but in plant varieties quantity.

The plant production has specialized in five major families: marantas, ivies, peperomias, cissus, and scheffleras. Since our beginnings, quality has always been our most important concern; as a result, our plant quality is well known by many companies worldwide and we are planning not just to keep it but to improve it by a continuous work in improving our procedures and production methods. All this is done by taking into account not only our production optimization but also an improvement in our work and environmental responsibility.

Our quality is based not only in the farm altitude, climate and specific characteristics but also in the very careful way the production is done. To keep our production above the international and our own standards we use deep irrigation for watering and fertilizing, volcanic soil and pumice stone for the substrate and an organized and strict method for cutting and packing the plants.

Besides the tips, we are able to export rooted plants. Plants’ rooting is done in special greenhouses where the conditions are carefully taken care of. Temperature, moisture, humidity, soil, and every other condition essential for the plant rooting is optimized in order to produce an excellent rooted plant in the shortest time possible.


La Fauna is located in the South Coast lowlands, a small distance away from the Pacific Sea, in a warm region and with a very good rain regime the whole year round. The name of the farm (“The Faun”) comes from the different plantations found in this place which includes milk cattle, fresh water lobster and frogs; the ornamental plantation was the last one to settle in this highly intensive agricultural farm.

Since 1999, La Fauna has exported every week to different destinies, which includes not only different cities in the United States but also countries in Europe and Asia. The first plant to be exported was Philodendron Cordatum, short after the production already included Golden Pothos, Marble Queen and Aglaonema María. The fast growth of the plantation has been due in part because of the ideal weather of the region for this production. To keep the optimum plantation conditions a 0.5 ha (1.24 acres) water reservoir was built to have enough water when needed. Also, due to the warm weather, a refrigerated room is used to keep the plants fresh after they are cut.


Guatemala is characterized for many things, among them, the excellent quality of it’s high mountain gourmet coffee.

To achieve a supreme quality coffee it’s required something more than just a high altitude, care must be taken from the seed selection all over to the wet and dry mill process. Both characteristics are achieved by few coffee producers around the world and we are proud of our gourmet coffee quality.

Don Julián coffee is a well balanced coffee, with a marked acidity and a good body; it is characterized and known for its special citrical-floral flavor, which makes it unique not only among Guatemalan coffees but worldwide.

Take a glance to our coffee shop, we invite you to try our gourmet coffee and delight yourself; your day will never be the same once you get used to Don Julián.


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