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Production of high quality coffee

Producing, exporting and comercializing ornamental plants around the world

We provide the best quality in Ornamental plants

Don Julián’s Coffee Farm

Guatemala is characterized for many things, among them, the excellent quality of it’s high mountain gourmet coffee.

Ornamental Plants Farms

IVAGRO, S.A. has been in the ornamental plant business since 1991. What started with a small red maranta greenhouse produces now more than thirty different plants in two different locations

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About us


We are a company involved in high quality ornamental plants and gourmet coffee production and exports.
The coffee tradition started by our great-grandfather, Julián Tallien de Cabarrús, a French visionary, who first came to Guatemala during the XIX century and was impressed by the region’s climate, which he noticed was ideal for establishing a coffee plantation. A couple of years later, he became one of the first coffee producers in Guatemala. His farm and coffee plantations were first located near the Atitlan Lake region and then, looking for better places to grow coffee, the plantation moved to Fraijanes, one of the best quality producing regions in Guatemala.

For over more than four generations, our family has continued the coffee production and more than 15 years ago we started producing high quality ornamental plants. Everything we produce is characterized for its high quality; in that sense, we have been recognized as one of few Starbuck´s Strategic Coffee Suppliers, and we already have long term relationships with our ornamental plants customers in the United States and Europe.

The ornamental plants products we offer are either green-cuttings ready to be planted in greenhouse environments or semi-finished net pots or oasis material ready to be transplanted to final commercial pots for its final growth and sale. We have all-year round availability,

The coffee we produce is commercialized as green coffee to be roasted at its destiny or as roasted, grinded and pound-packed (or kilo-packed) coffee ready to be sent and commercialized in its final market.

We would like to start a business relation with your company; due to our experience in exports procedures, we are able to send our products anywhere with no problem and with an appropriate timing. We are looking forward to start our relation and please let us know about any comment or question you may have.