100% eco-OK Commitment whit envoromental quality

In our quest for excellence the environmental care is an important part of our product quality. Each and every process and procedure is done taking into account the environmental practices that we are committed to follow throughout the complete coffee production process.

The following are the basic elements of our 100 % Eco-OK

  • Protection of rivers and any other body of water.
  • Establishment of buffer zones around protected areas and rivers.
  • Special ecological care inside the buffer zones.
  •  Hunting is completely forbidden inside the plantation.
  • Native trees are preserved and used as part of the shadow system.
  • A two or three layer shadow system is preserved.
  • A list of endangered species of the region is well known and protection measures are kept to protect this species.
  • Pesticides, herbicides and any other chemical product are kept away from any human activity and protected against animals or any other intrusion.
  • Water quality on the surface and underground is under no contamination harm due to chemical products such as insecticides and herbicides.
  • Recycling is done in everyway possible.
  • Organic material is recycled and used as fertilizer in the plantation and not thrown into any water body.
  • Periodic water analyses are done in order to ensure water quality.
  • The plantation has a long term erosion protection farm in order to protect the superficial soil of the plantation.
  • Contour lines are used in the plantation to prevent erosion.
  • Natural and living barriers are settled in the plantation.
  • The entire plantation is under the sunshine of natural and native trees.
  • An organic material layer is always preserved in the coffee fields to provide a constant flow of organic matter to the plants.
  • No herbicides are used in steep regions.
  • Soil quality is preserved by the use of organic matter produced inside the farm and nitrogen fixing plants. Chemical fertilizers are used only if it is strictly needed to preserve the coffee quality.
  • Soil analyses are done periodically to establish its condition and needs.

For further information on our 100 % Eco-OK commitment contact us at info@ivagro.com